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Spirent TSN Test Solutions
The Spirent Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Test Solutions offer the complete set of tools to achieve compliance and performance testing in a single hardware platform over variety of interfaces and speeds.

TSN test solutions allow Automotive, Industrial, Networking, and Pro AV
system and equipment manufacturers, as well as silicon manufacturers to
ensure functionality and performance objectives in the following areas:

• R&D testing involving technology feasibility studies and performance modeling
• Device and protocol functional testing
• Conformance and certification testing
• Device, sub-system, or services performance characterization, scalability and availability
• Stress testing requiring higher device and traffic emulation scaling
capability as well as higher physical interface connection
• Negative testing to characterize the system resilience

Features & Benefits
• Full TSN emulation of multiple talker or listeners on each port
• A comprehensive set of TSN standards supported (please refer to the TSN Standard Coverage table on next page)
• Standard specific wizards and result view allow easy to use and quick configuration and analysis possible
• Mixed TSN and non-TSN traffic generation capability on each port
• Highly scalable test topology with precise and consistent timing across the ports regardless of the scale
• TSN specific metrics and statistics measurements
• Highly accurate and precise timing measurements
• Verification of precise synchronization and presentation time
• Support for different Ethernet media type and speed (10M to 100G)
• Real-time capture and analysis capabilities
• Full protocol decode in Wireshark





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