제목 SPT-N4U Chassis
작성자 bbs_centek
작성일자 2019-05-13
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SPT-N4U Chassis



■ Features & benefits
  High-density in a small form-factor
   •Scales to 1.6 terabits of cloud traffic per second - 4 times the traffic capacity of the nearest competitor
   •Supports up to 24 40G ports, 96 10G ports, or 16 100G Ethernet ports per chassis Investment protection

     for existing hardware and future technologies
   •Fully backward-compatible with existing Spirent HyperMetrics and HyperMetrics Next test modules*
   •Does not require learning new UIs or APIs
   •400G Ethernet ready

  ■ Measurement reliability and accuracy
   •Best-in-class timing precision and synchronization (ten times better than the nearest competitor) for

     large scale tests and site-to-site latency/jitter measurements
   •Automatic calibration for chassis-to-chassis synchronization
   •Built-in external timing receiver (ETR) capability including native IEEE 1588v2 (PTP) support

  ■ Innovative design
   •Built-in touchscreen for real-time chassis status and administration
   •4x times faster boot time and 3x times faster firmware upgrades than previous systems
   •Client software download from the chassis via Web browser



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